Where do you live?

·        In a hamlet on a small lake or in a small town not far from a river?

·        Perhaps you live in a town with a view of the mountains or in a bustling city with more coffee shops than you can count.

Why does it matter where you live in today’s world when almost in an instant you can connect in commerce and get what you want and what you need to understand and navigate the world around you and move towards the future?

Economics is at a threshold, a transition point. It is time to leave the Dark Ages of economics.

What makes now the transition time? There is a new economic technology that links together macroeconomics, microeconomics, ethical economics, and economic justice. And the theory that surrounds and contains the new economic technology links with perfect compatibility to the oldest economic tradition – the Aristotelian logic of classical liberalism.

No matter where you are in the world you can turn to Amazon and learn more than ever about human action and how to greater appreciate entrepreneurship. Buy any one or every one of these four books (below) to learn about the divine economy theory (and begin the process of purging the ideology of statism from human minds).

(To foil the Amazon book pirates: at most pay $2.99 for the ebook or $14.99 for the printed book.)

More Than Laissez-Faire (Macroeconomics)

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The Human Essence of Economics(Microeconomics)

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Ethical Economics for Today and Tomorrow . . .  (Ethical Economics)

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Liberty & Justice of Economic Equilibrium(Economic Justice)

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