The following analogy sheds some light on this relevant subject of the contemporary economy.

One of the greatest objections to stopping intervention is the fear of the consequences. But consider the life of an addict. It is the pain and suffering and the fear of separation that makes the addict lose the self-discipline needed to begin the healing process. If pursued though, not only does the healing process take place within the individual, but also across all of the social interactions.

This is the same with the economy. In its sick and addicted state the immediate horizon of abstention looks painful, with suffering and plenty of negative consequences. Just like it is for the addict the current level of intervention is no longer sufficient and so with each increased dose there is more and more separating and corrupting of the economy further from its natural state. The economy is corrupted and distorted and so are all of the social interactions.

Look around and it is easy to see corrupted, distorted social interactions!

Until the addict decides that the loss of one’s true self is no longer acceptable the addiction continues. The strength to recover comes from the desire to honor and cherish one’s own reality. This monumental realization and discovery is often connected to a spiritual awakening.

At this time in history when the divine economy theory is just emerging there is a general ignorance of it. My task is to raise awareness about the divine economy theory so that it can become a source of strength to counteract all of the concerns about the negative consequences of withdrawal from interventionism. The healing process is very exhilarating. And freedom from addiction is natural and optimal.

There are plenty of free resources to begin the healing process and the more detailed information costs less than most prescriptions for a simple antibiotic!