Jenna wakes every day and along with going through her routines she pursues her goals. She has long term goals but also she spends much of her time each day sorting through life’s tests and trials and her memories of experiences throughout her life, all with the purpose of moving forward. She is functioning in the realm of microeconomics.

One definition of microeconomics is as follows: it is a study of how individuals discover and react to information in the market as part of their division of labor to produce and to earn income, so as to meet their personal desires for goods and services.

·        Each experience in the series of knowledge gaining experiences is more competitive than the preceding period.

·        In other words, we are constantly searching for ways to make things better for ourselves.

·        And since competition and entrepreneurship are analytically inseparable these experiences act to stimulate our entrepreneurship.

·        That is very good news indeed since releasing our potential, by changing our entrepreneurship from latent to active, leads to prosperity.

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