‘Subjective’ means persons make choices based on what they know and so no matter;

  •  where they are
  • or what their culture is

each person uses their knowledge to make their own subjective decisions.

Then you have certain persons (claimants of moral authority) who pass judgment as if they have any authority tointerpret the validity of someone else’s subjective choice.

To take that stance is:

  • first of all, ego-driven (their ego convinces them that they have the right or the capacity to make better decisions for that person even though they are completely ignorant of what it means to be that person),
  •  and second, it is unscientific since it is impossible for anyone to know more than their own subjective choice. Persuasion/education may influence another’s subjective choice but it is still only the other person’s subjective choice that is ‘scientific’ and valid.

Humans are subjective and make subjective choices. Human choice is the manifestation of their knowledge and it is their right to make that subjective choice.

What is made very clear is how important education is by creating an environment where people can independently investigate the truth, gain discernment, and thrive as learners.

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