Where is the light switch to turn on the light so we can navigate through the Dark Ages of economics in which we are living?

What better way to gain focus than to use a lens made with precision and which accurately does two things:

  1. Provides such clarity that all things economic can be examined from all directions.
  2. Completely exposes the flaws, the fallacies, the superstitions, and the destructiveness of statism.

Implied – going from the dark to the light – is leaving the darkness that is causing such great suffering and instead benefiting from true economic science, the light of which honors subjective human beings.

Of course, this means leaving behind the superstitions which have burdened economic science for a long time. These economic fallacies continue to linger and the only sensible way to deal with them is to let them disappear into their own darkness of ignorance.

An illuminating new technology is the best and most powerful way to completely dissociate true economic science from the darkness of economic ignorance and its corollary – political corruption.

Now is the perfect time to gain freedom of thought and action by becoming acquainted with this new economic technology. It’s free, it’s illuminating, and it brings great clarity. Check it out.