There were times in the not-too-distant past when by decree the coins that people received for their goods and services were periodically made smaller in size or weight. This monarchical act of coin clipping whittled away at the value of private property.

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Enjoying the fruits of our labor is natural. Even lower forms of life – plants unconsciously, and animals – have this as part of their operating systems. For us the conceptualization of the future plays a role and for that reason we acquire and accumulate property. Property is a store of wealth, but it is assumed it is inviolable. When it is not inviolable the question arises: “Is this really mine?”

This disruption of the function of private property by inflation sends repercussions throughout society. Sensing this private property disruption people produce less since the reward for being producers is less.

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Because of devaluation the purchasing power of your currency decreases over time. The consequence of devaluation is a weaker return on investment. Instead of getting the expected return, even if it is nominally what was expected, yet in real terms it is less. Often business enterprises – which are private property entities – see their resources dwindle because their real rate of return is insufficient for true sustainability.

A one-and-done periodic coin-clipping, although disruptive, would be preferable to the systematic disruption of the function of private propertywhich we experience now. The inflation is continuousover time and it is universal, affecting everyone everywhere.

Inflation is continuous.png

Continuous whittling from everybody disrupts the normally powerful and magnificent potentialities of private property.

When property rights are under attack the foundation of human civilization is under attack. Put in the simplest terms property rights are human rights. We cannot imagine a healthy civilization where human rights are not respected. Lack of respect for human rights translates very negatively in economic terms.

But who is out there bringing this information to people’s attention? Who is removing the veil that hides this pernicious effect of inflation?


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In this age of statism inflation is presented as ‘not significant’ or ironically as a stimulus to the economy! Neither is true by any stretch of the imagination. This series will help you to be better informed.

FACT: Coin clipping has always been done secretively for two reasons: 1). It is theft and therefore it is immoral and 2). It is done by those with power and control but they know full well that their power and control will come to a screeching halt if and when people find out what they are doing and demand justice.

Question: Why is it especially illusive to get a good grasp of the negative effects of inflation when the pervasive ideology of statism makes people feel badabout private property rights? (One reason could be that inflation is hidden.)

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The next topic will be: Inflation is a form of bribery.


No one talks about this

yet it affects everyone, everywhere, all of the time.

Making it visible is of great value.

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