What is different about economic equilibrium is the fact that the economy exists because humans exist and humans are physical, intellectual and spiritual beings. Most do not realize or recognize that the highest of these is spiritual; intellectual is higher than physical and spiritual is higher than intellectual.

Since economic equilibrium is tied to the economy and since the economy is a reflection of human action and humans are ‘created in His Image’, economic equilibrium has a divine aspect.

As an example, an affinity between people can be physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual; all of these are less than perfect expressions of the concept of absolute love. Economic equilibrium, like love, is very powerful – yet it is beyond our full comprehension – nevertheless it is real.

Ego-driven intervention (no one can claim to understand all the implications of any intervention on all of humanity across the entire time horizon) is a corruption of the economy. If the intervention stops, all of the corruption will be purged and then the economy will return to normal and be a true source of prosperity and justice.

I’ll again hit the equilibrium point. The force behind the equilibrium tendencies can be thought of as the grace of God. In other words, when we mature to the point where as societies we trust in God then all things will be ‘regulated’ by the grace of God. This is why laissez-faire is the correct economic system even though many of those who espouse free market/laissez-faire do not know why it works so well!

Of course everything in the economy is connected to human action and so the equilibrium forces work via the social cooperation of humans.

Are we interested in merely treating the symptoms or in treating the disease? Humans have finite knowledge yet are ego-driven enough (or allow those who are ego-driven) to arrogantly make decisions about things that are infinitely beyond their comprehension. For example, it is beyond human comprehension to know the effects of economic intervention on everyone on the planet over the entire time horizon, and as a result of this feeble knowledge, all ego-driven intervention necessarily causes innumerable injustices.

God created humans as part of a beautifully and infinitely complex love, and God also provided the perfect institution for social cooperation (the economy), and for the flow of the grace of God. Since this is the best means for human civilization to progress towards perfection it makes no sense to go in some other direction (which is sure to be less desirable) just because we encounter hardships which may be necessary for humanity to overcome in order to make progress. Besides, there is no moral authority to intervene in the economy.

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