There are those who say that given a second chance the potential is greater since wisdom was gained from earlier experiences. And there are those who reckon that being born from a smaller world (the womb) into an even greater world affords tremendous and wondrous gifts that could not have been had in that smaller world. Rebirth is nothing other than a fulfillment of the butterfly’s destiny and this is the symbolism that is staring us in the face. The birth pains are real but they trumpet a great occurrence.

Classical liberalism had its heyday when Western Civilization flourished in Europe. And it has been painful to watch it succumb to the diseases caused by the ego-driven interpreters and the ego-driven interventionists. As the disease progressed atheism and empiricism crept into the human sciences and as a result all that remained was the dry and empty chrysalis which was paraded around, being loudly and belligerently proclaimed that it resembled something living.

The essence of classical liberalism comes from its roots and the sources of its inspiration. Inspired by Aristotelian logic and recognition of the spiritual reality of human beings, wise persons who were learned in reason and Scripture made contributions to philosophy and the newly developing sciences of economics and ethics. Their contributions influenced how the various societies in Europe developed and a beautiful ‘western’ civilization emerged.

But no one could predict when the rebirth would happen. Certain conditions would have to be present. One key condition is recognition of the need for and the proof of the harmony of science and religion.

We are fortunate to be living at the time when its rebirth has begun. One very strong evidence of this is the publication of “Macro & Micro Economics Renewed.” One notable example made clear in this book: the incomprehensible and magnificent and all-pervasive power of the forces of economic equilibrium are attributed to the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Another outstanding example is the recognition of the subjective nature of human beings, and consequently the importance of scientific exploration using the subjective methodology.

Unlike in the past most humans now can read and have access to the ways and means of the flow of knowledge. Now everyone who exercises their human potential to search and investigate can mimic the great achievements of the learned ones of centuries ago. What is quickly made evident in “Macro & Micro Economics Renewed” is the lack of the moral authority of all ego-driven interpreters and all ego-driven interventionists. Freed from the false claims of these would-be oppressors humanity can and will move forward with an ever-advancing civilization composed of diverse, peaceful and prosperous classical liberalism societies.

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