Mary Lou did not look well. She always had a good appetite but she noticed her lack of energy and so she decided to exercise more regularly and to make sure that she ate healthy food and she even began a vitamin supplement. Every attempt merely slowed her progressive weakening. It turned out she had a parasite!

To adequately talk about the State we have to go back to the early history of humanity. Although there are differences between people these are a source of wealth and joy in an environment of social cooperation. Those with excellent qualities are well regarded and chosen, oftentimes, as guides and mentors and leaders.

But there are also those who desire to control others. These individuals have been present from the beginning of human history and when they are unchecked the consequent results run contrary to the fruits of social cooperation.

Continuing to describe the historical journey of humanity, it is known that the functional progression was from family to clan and tribe to city-state to nation and now tothe entire globe. At each and every one of these epochs the possibilities of goodness from social cooperation can be contemplated in juxtaposition to the horrors resulting from the control of the ego-driven.

Since the question is “What is the State?” I will jump directly to the epoch of nation-building even though the State did appear before then, but in a less obvious form.

Some may not like this narrative. The epoch of nation-building was inaugurated by the appearance of Muhammad. But the ego-driven violated His Covenant and the perverse consequence that we are still feeling is nationalism instead of nation-building.

Nationalism is control by the ego-driven at the level of the nation-state. All statism is lustful of control and so the goal is to eliminate other states. This is done by controlling the people and their resources for the purpose of eliminating rival states.

How can the State get away with confiscating the wealth of the people, and all of its belligerence? There are many essential steps. Controlling ‘education’ is one of the critical steps. Using its ‘education’ system it paints a picture of glory and honor for the State and does all it can to eliminate critical thinking which would expose the statist myth that humans could not coexist peacefully and cooperate prosperously without the State.

The State – what is it? It is a parasitic and predatory tool of the ego-driven. Those who lust for control aspire to gain control of the State.

As long as we allow the ideology of statism to temper our regard for this monster the pattern will continue: the ego-driven will do whatever they can to try to gain control and the State will perpetually war with other states.

Are we that stupid? Surely we do not want those kind of people in control. Surely we would rather live prosperously and in peace with all the people on this precious and blessed planet.

I hope this blog shatters the myth of the State for you. Here is an economic theory that shows the magnificence of  human cooperation and it also proves that the State is not necessary (in fact, that it is harmful).