What if now we are living in a time when we are ready for this understanding and a time that needs this kind of understanding for us to be able to solve the problems that we face?

How would that affect how we perceive the physical world?

In brief, our quest to understand the infinite complexity of the world around us will probably gain intensity and certainly it will gain focus.

How will that affect how we perceive our intellectual powers?

In brief, this gift of intellect will be honored more and shared for the benefit of each other since our gift is what, in turn, we can give to others.

How will that affect our purpose, knowing that we are spiritual beings primarily?

That is a good question. The answer seems to be just out of reach, sort of like the embryo in the womb – feeling more and more cramped – but not really knowing all the wonders ahead or how all of the senses developed in the womb will come in handy.

It is not really a “what if” question, it is a “roll up your sleeves and get to it” call to action.

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