The joy of the soul

is best perpetuated (once the soul is introduced into the matrix of this world)

if it can follow a pathway of purity and sanctity and illumination.

The ideal life situation

is pure water;

and nutritious food;

and loving parents, that extends over time to loving family and friends;

and teachers who are compassionate; having a good sense of humor, freed from prejudices, and who know how to encourage and stimulate learning.

Based on what are the real circumstances

that are experienced in life

each individual is a subjective human being who is

building upon the foundation of their education, whether it is ideal or less than ideal.

Regardless of the educational foundation

if the human excellence of the independent investigation of truth gains prominence

then ignorance is replaced with knowledge.

This is the emergence of wisdom.

With confident awareness of the value of one’s subjective knowledge and wisdom

the initiation of action creates within the world the unique contributions of that individual.

Without appreciation of the subjectivity of each person education is unfulfilled and a hollow claim.

Consider independently investigating the 10 principles of classical liberalism. You’ll be amazed how compatible these principles are with what you already believe and try to practice.